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September 8, 2014


Best Junk File PC Cleaner Software

Everyone loves their computer, right? You realized your computer was working perfectly fine, but is running slow for quite some time now. Do you Want to Speed up your PC? Often, we feel too lazy to surf for a good pc cleaner and end up downloading a random one, which,to worse,starts eating up our computer’s memory. If you are fed up of seeing an ugly pop upeach time while connecting your pc with internet, it is time to download the best free pc cleaner software.

Best PC Cleaner Software

What is the need to Clean up my pc?

A common question often pops up in the minds of people – Why should I clean my pc? The best answer is because pc cleanup is one of the most important needs for computer maintenance. Temporary files, created by the daily computer activity, often remain on our hard drive for months. Clean up of these temporary files result into smoother and faster computer operation. For active users, it is important to clean pc at least once in a week. If you use your pc for basic stuff 3-4 times in a week, then cleaning up once in a month will be enough for you.

Best tools to clean my pc

You can use a number of pc cleaning toolsto get rid of junk files. The built-in Windows Disk Cleanup utility works well enough. However, if you want an advance tool to clean up your pc with all the necessary utilities that will also keep your computer clean, fast and optimum, then you must download Macro PC Cleaner. Make sure to check reviews before downloading. It will prove to be a smart choice while looking for real time cleanup software. The best thing about this software is that it will not add annoying ugly tabs to your computer.

macro pc cleaner

What makes Macro Pc Cleaner the Best?

Macro Pc Cleaner keeps your pc fast and secure because it offers internet history cleanup, app history cleanup, temporary files cleanup, browser cache cleanup, etc. Apart from speeding the performance of your computer, it fixes windows errors too. Its additional feature of file shredding helps in protecting your privacy. Once you choose to delete a file with the option of file shredder, the file will be completely erased from your hard drive, making it almost impossible to recover again. Download the full version of completely free pc cleaner today and bid farewell to the unwanted files stored on your computer.

June 30, 2014

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Ensuring that your PC has fast speed


Trying to determine whether your PC is running at Faster speed or not? Generally, speed loss is incremental and unnoticed. However, going through a list of few tricks that helps in speeding your computer can make remarkable differences to your experience.

Looking to speed up your computer?

PC Cleaner

Submitting the assignments late or replying to emails not-on-time may land you into trouble and can become quite an irritating situation. If computer running slow is bothering you big time, you surely need to check out these. Below are a few low-tech simple methods to squeeze a bit more performance out from your PC without much effort and with easiness.


1)     Uninstall all unused programs

 New PC comes with lots of programs you will never use and probably you do not even know that they exist. A few programs run certain background processes while loading your computer even if you are not using them.

To delete all these unused programs, open Control Panel Program and its Features page to have a seek through list of the installed software. Uninstall all those programs that you do not need and be careful to leave all the programs you need in your computer.


2)     Delete temporary files automatically

 Temporary files collect on your computer via everyday tasks and they can stay on hard disk, slowing down your computer. Getting rid of such files, including your cookies and internet history, can offer large amount of space on hard disk, which will speed up your own PC.

To do so, open “My Computer” and choose your local drive. Select “Windows” and then open folder titled “Temp”.

Make use of the mouse and right-click on folder, and in “View” options, select “Details”. After this is done, choose all the files that are older than current date and then press delete key. Go to your Recycle Bin on desktop and then empty it.


3)     Hard drive storage

 Although, you clear your temporarily files regularly but make sure your hard disk is not 85% full. If that happens, then surely it is going to affect your computer speed.


4)     Install solid state drive

 The hard drive is the biggest reason of slow speed and particularly slow start-up speed of your PC.

Though they are not cheap, installing solid-state drive, having extremely quick read-time, can considerably speed up your startups.


5)     Prevent needless start up

 This method primarily will affect the time that takes for your PC to startup. However, often many of these programs that are launched on the startup persist to run and utilize your computer’s memory.


6)     More RAM

The Random Access Memory, also known as RAM is a temporary storage memory utilized by a computer and it is in use while diverse programs execute tasks. Therefore, more the programs you make use of, more the RAM you will need. Your computer speed will become slow if you do not just have enough of it.

Connect with Macro PC cleaner for host of services like Fixing PC Performances, optimizing windows registry, managing computer memory etc. Macro Pc cleaner is your reliable online pc cleaner. You need not be a techie to know it all to maintain your computer system. With Macro pc cleaner by your side, you can smooth system easily.

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