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August 11, 2014

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Your PC ’s very own Cleaning Application

Your computer encountered a problem this morning when you were working. You took a coffee break and when you came back to your seat, you saw it re-booting. You thought it was because of loose cable connection. However, this kept on repeating throughout the day. Henceforth, you called up your friend who you thought was technically sound and he advised you download a free PC clean up software.

Online PC Cleaner

But, did he tell you that there are hundreds of websites which sell such products online and in a way enter your system, check your files and can also leak the important data stored in your computer. Such software often comes with fancy tags like ‘clean my pc’, ‘speed up my pc’ ‘disk clean up’ or even ‘windows clean up.’ Attractive enough to grab your attention!

And then, this new computer clean up software is eating your computer’s memory and has an ugly pop up each time you connect your laptop/computer to the internet. It also gave an additional toolbar to your internet homepage, which flashes colourful advertisements and constantly asks for permission for some or the other purpose.

We understand a slow pc is bothersome, but what irritates us the most is the constant disturbance caused by this new application which claims to be the Best PC Cleaner available online. What is a pc cleaner? It’s a scam! Yes, you heard us right; it is a completely new way of entering an individual’s system. Sophisticated hacking! We call it.

Your computer is intelligent enough to take care of itself and flush out all the malware. Your windows program has an inbuilt Microsoft free pc cleaner, which cleans the laptop and removes computer virus.

To stop all the computer registry errors, uninstall the new clean up software from your system. This process might take some minutes to complete. Once done, it flashes a message on the screen, which is something like ‘successfully uninstalled’ or ‘complete pack removed.’

Online PC Cleaner

The web is filled with a host of applications which are more than eager to speed up your pc and offer you the best free pc clean-up plan.

The best PC cleaner you just downloaded for free, does not really do the real work it is supposed to be doing for you. Use the below tips to speed up your computer/ laptop.

  1. Uninstall all the unnecessary applications, which are resting at peace in your computer and have not been used since ages. Go to your control panel and uninstall these programmes for pc tune up.
  2. Disable all the unnecessary start up applications, which pop up each time you put on your PC.