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 Macro PC Cleaner Support– Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will I receive on a Macro PC Cleaner order?

You will receive an electronic delivery which can be downloaded. An order confirmation receipt would appear on your screen as soon your order is successfully placed. This carries details of your purchase, serial number, download links and links to access live support.

  1. What is Macro PC Cleaner return policy?

If you anytime wish to stop using the software, you apply for cancellation under our 30-day money back guarantee. You may contact our help desk and provide all your order details to prevent any delay in processing your refund. You will be issued a RMA number to for the refund.

  1. Is Macro PC Cleaner compatible with all Windows versions?

Yes, it compatible with all Windows versions. Note that it is not meant for Machintosh operating system.

  1. What all modes of payment options do I have?

You can pay by credit card, debit, NEFT and Paypal.

  1. Does Macro PC Cleaner come with a printed manual?

Macro PC Cleaner does not come with a printed manual, however you can access to documentations on our website. Benefits of online documentation include faster search options of the manual.

  1. Macro PC Cleaner is available in what all languages?

Macro PC Cleaner is available only in English currently.

  1. How can I clean multimedia or search history?

Following these easy steps you can clean multimedia or search history.
Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Click scan settings
Step 3: Expand the Multimedia or Search History tabs (This section would allow you to clean data obtained from third-party software applications.)
Step 4: Select from the options to clean – file lists, URL history, other recent file and application data
If you wish to clean third party software data
Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Click scan settings
Step 3: Click Disk Clean-up
Step 4: Select different third party software applications
Step 5: Click OK
Upon completion, the report will be displayed as a summary view.

  1. How can I clean and Optimize Browser Settings?

You can easily clean and optimize Browser settings following these below steps.
Step 1: Go to settings
Step 2: Select the Browsers section to indicate that you wish to clean Browser Settings
Step 3: Click scan settings
Macro PC Cleaner support – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Step 4: Choose the browsers you wish to clean
Step 5: Click OK to save

  1. How can Macro PC Cleaner optimize my system?

When you optimize your system, the following would happen

  1. How does Macro PC Cleaner protect my privacy?

Macro PC Cleaner protects your privacy by helping you in the following ways:

  1. How does tune-up service help my PC with Macro PC Cleaner?

The tune-up service of Macro PC Cleaner makes your system more comprehensive, responsive and faster.

  1. What could be the issue if Macro PC Cleaner does not scan or repair?

Macro PC Cleaner requires admin access to scan or repair your system. If you do not have admin access, you may ask your system administrator to change your access rights. However, it is recommended that the software is used only by the main system administrator.

  1. How do I complete a clean and re-install of the application?

Step 1: Close all programs that are running on your system
Step 2: Go to Start
Step 3: Select All Program
Step 4: Select Macro PC Cleaner folder and select Uninstaller icon.
Alternatively you can uninstall it from your Control Panel
Step 1: Select Add/ remove programs
Step 2: Select the application
Step 3: Click remove

  1. How do I restore any changes?

Step 1: Start Macro PC Cleaner
Step 2: Select Restore from the Top Menu.
Step 3: Select the last entry
Step 4: Click Restore
Alternatively Macro PC Cleaner makes a System restore point prior to making any changes on your PC. System restore point can be accessed by the following steps:
Step 1: Go to Start
Step 2: Select All Programs
Step 3: Select Accessories
Step 4: Select System Tool
Step 5: Select System Restore
Step 6: Select a date prior to the problem having developed
Note that any changes made to your system after the restore point may be lost.

  1. How do I activate the program?

By simple 5 steps, you can activate the program
Step 1: Start the Program
Step 2: Click Register now
Step 3: Select Enter Product Key.
Step 4: Enter your serial number
Step 5: Click Active Now.
It is recommended that you copy and paste the serial number from your order receipt.

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