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How to Speed Up the System

We are using computers for everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. There are individuals who rarely shut down their computer, as they continuously require internet to check their mails, for social media interactions or just surfing the web for random things. A personal computer is built to work after a little rest or off time, however, long duration of usage can slow the system down. PC Optimization Cleaner Software There are certain precautions that one should take and avoid making their computer slow.

Installing an anti-virus

While surfing internet or checking mails from unknown source you are always prone to virus attacks. The virus may not only damage the system and steal the data but it can also slow the computer. Various computer anti-viruses are available on the internet. Some are paid and others are free. Some of the free anti-viruses that are available are Avast, Avira and AVG. Kaspersky, McAfee and Quick Heal are some of the paid and highly recommend anti-viruses available in the market. Antivirus software is capable of keeping your system safe from virus attacks real-time.

Disk Cleanup

Microsoft Windows systems are equipped with disk cleanup utility which can be found under Accessories >System Tools. This utility enables you to clean the pc from Cache Memory, Temporary internet files, old and junk files. These files are responsible for slowing the system as they eat up RAM and the system drive. Apple Mac systems are equipped with disk utility program to clean your hard drive. In case, you want to clean or repair other folders and files OnyX, a free tool, can be used for this purpose.

Increase the RAM

Windows Vista and other all Microsoft Operating Systems come enabled with ReadyBoost. This feature allows you to increase the RAM of your system by connecting a USB stick instantly. In case of a Mac you can contact Apple customer care and order extra RAM if you have heavy usage. Download free PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner Software

Another option that you have is using PC cleaner software. PC cleaner software enables you to clean and speed up the performance of your computer or laptop. The pc clean up software comes with many functions, which enable you to perform tasks like speeding the system, deleting old files and folders, repair broken files, search and remove duplicate files and folders. Some PC cleaning software comes with rescue manager as well. These techniques will allow you to clean and speed up your system.  In addition to this, these methods also help you in effective maintenance of your system. Macro PC Cleaner is a free tool pc cleaning tool. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and, Android operating systems. This tool can be downloaded from


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