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Macro PC Optimizer offers free subscription of the application for evaluation to ensure that the software meets your requirement and correctly functions on your system. If you wish to procure our application, we recommended that you first download and evaluate before you decide to buy. Making it a risk-free method we ensure that you are happy with the application and are buying what you need.

You request for refund, should be directed to Macro PC Optimizer Support Team within the specified Guarantee time.

Once feedback as SATISFIED is received by the USER for the application, user cannot claim that he has not received the Software or Services.

In case a User alleges deficient or dissatisfactory delivery of software or services, the User must substantiate with supporting documents that software or services delivered during the period were deficient or dissatisfactory.

Macro PC Optimizer reserves the sole discretion to verify and examine the compliant of the User and Companys decision shall be final and binding on all parties. User shall claim charge back only if the Company on evaluation of relevant proofs determines/identifies that software or services rendered were deficient or unsatisfactory.

While evaluating, if the company identifies technical problems with the computer system, then the user shall not be entitled to claim charge-back.

The User shall be entitled to return the Transaction Amount in-case mistakenly the transaction is credited twice to the Users’ account.

All services rendered by Macro PC Optimizer are invoiced. Date of service is stated from the date when the user first speaks with our technician asking for support for the service. In case this reoccurs within 30 days and Macro PC Optimizer is unable to fix the issue, then the user is eligible to claim for a refund. One cannot claim refund if there is another issue, different from the previous one within 30 day period.

Macro PC Cleaner gives refund for all issues that turns to be out-of-scope and issues that cannot be fixed/resolved over the phone or remotely. If the user is not satisfied with the support/services, or in case the issue was not resolved then the user can ask for a refund within 30 days time from the date it was brought to the attention of Macro PC Optimizer.

All refund transactions will be made as a credit to the credit card used at the time of procurement within five (5) business days