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Macro PC Affiliate Program

Macro PC cleaner is a system that helps to fix your PC problems due to which the performance of the PC is slowed down. The waste files, which add on to the space on the hard disk, are removed. This helps to optimize the working of your system.

Guaranteed Affiliate Commission

We would love that you Join Affiliate Network program and become a part of our affiliate network. You just need to promote Macro PC cleaner on your website and you will be entitled for 25% commission on each referral. Isn’t that amazing?! Become a macro PC cleaner affiliate today.

The software products are available for sale through Avangate Affiliate network. You are just required to advertise through your website by displaying the product information. Buy now links should be displayed on the website.

Now you must be wondering that how do we come to know that a buyer is through your referral. The complete record of your Avantage ID is kept for 120 days. Any visitor, who follows a link or banner from your website and places the order within 4 months, guarantees your affiliate commission for the particular order.

Advantages of the Program

1. There is no need to store software on your own system as the complete database is maintained for 4 months by Avangate.
2. There is no initial fee or even hidden charges and no performance targets.
3. There is hassle free system related to the invoice of the payment by the clients.

The payments to our affiliates are done on a monthly basis. The commission is transferred in the Avangate debit card or mater card. They are also sent via PayPal. All you need to do is explore your network. You can promote by the method of newsletter or even websites. Just remember the basic rule of affiliate marketing that the more the referrals, the more is the money.

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