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September 8, 2014

Best Junk File PC Cleaner Software

Everyone loves their computer, right? You realized your computer was working perfectly fine, but is running slow for quite some time now. Do you Want to Speed up your PC? Often, we feel too lazy to surf for a good pc cleaner and end up downloading a random one, which,to worse,starts eating up our computer’s memory. If you are fed up of seeing an ugly pop upeach time while connecting your pc with internet, it is time to download the best free pc cleaner software.

Best PC Cleaner Software

What is the need to Clean up my pc?

A common question often pops up in the minds of people – Why should I clean my pc? The best answer is because pc cleanup is one of the most important needs for computer maintenance. Temporary files, created by the daily computer activity, often remain on our hard drive for months. Clean up of these temporary files result into smoother and faster computer operation. For active users, it is important to clean pc at least once in a week. If you use your pc for basic stuff 3-4 times in a week, then cleaning up once in a month will be enough for you.

Best tools to clean my pc

You can use a number of pc cleaning toolsto get rid of junk files. The built-in Windows Disk Cleanup utility works well enough. However, if you want an advance tool to clean up your pc with all the necessary utilities that will also keep your computer clean, fast and optimum, then you must download Macro PC Cleaner. Make sure to check reviews before downloading. It will prove to be a smart choice while looking for real time cleanup software. The best thing about this software is that it will not add annoying ugly tabs to your computer.

macro pc cleaner

What makes Macro Pc Cleaner the Best?

Macro Pc Cleaner keeps your pc fast and secure because it offers internet history cleanup, app history cleanup, temporary files cleanup, browser cache cleanup, etc. Apart from speeding the performance of your computer, it fixes windows errors too. Its additional feature of file shredding helps in protecting your privacy. Once you choose to delete a file with the option of file shredder, the file will be completely erased from your hard drive, making it almost impossible to recover again. Download the full version of completely free pc cleaner today and bid farewell to the unwanted files stored on your computer.

September 1, 2014

How to Speed Up the System

We are using computers for everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. There are individuals who rarely shut down their computer, as they continuously require internet to check their mails, for social media interactions or just surfing the web for random things. A personal computer is built to work after a little rest or off time, however, long duration of usage can slow the system down. PC Optimization Cleaner Software There are certain precautions that one should take and avoid making their computer slow.

Installing an anti-virus

While surfing internet or checking mails from unknown source you are always prone to virus attacks. The virus may not only damage the system and steal the data but it can also slow the computer. Various computer anti-viruses are available on the internet. Some are paid and others are free. Some of the free anti-viruses that are available are Avast, Avira and AVG. Kaspersky, McAfee and Quick Heal are some of the paid and highly recommend anti-viruses available in the market. Antivirus software is capable of keeping your system safe from virus attacks real-time.

Disk Cleanup

Microsoft Windows systems are equipped with disk cleanup utility which can be found under Accessories >System Tools. This utility enables you to clean the pc from Cache Memory, Temporary internet files, old and junk files. These files are responsible for slowing the system as they eat up RAM and the system drive. Apple Mac systems are equipped with disk utility program to clean your hard drive. In case, you want to clean or repair other folders and files OnyX, a free tool, can be used for this purpose.

Increase the RAM

Windows Vista and other all Microsoft Operating Systems come enabled with ReadyBoost. This feature allows you to increase the RAM of your system by connecting a USB stick instantly. In case of a Mac you can contact Apple customer care and order extra RAM if you have heavy usage. Download free PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner Software

Another option that you have is using PC cleaner software. PC cleaner software enables you to clean and speed up the performance of your computer or laptop. The pc clean up software comes with many functions, which enable you to perform tasks like speeding the system, deleting old files and folders, repair broken files, search and remove duplicate files and folders. Some PC cleaning software comes with rescue manager as well. These techniques will allow you to clean and speed up your system.  In addition to this, these methods also help you in effective maintenance of your system. Macro PC Cleaner is a free tool pc cleaning tool. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and, Android operating systems. This tool can be downloaded from

August 18, 2014

Macro PC Cleaners: The Best Online PC Cleaner Available

Macro PC cleaners have carved a niche for themselves in the free PC cleaner software market. This is a free PC optimization tool and is user friendly too.

This is completely free PC cleaner software, which comes with an easy-to-install guide and prompts you at each step. Problems like disk clean up, slow pc, computer virus attacks, etc. can all be addressed by this one software. The computer clean up software can be downloaded directly from the website, which also has an image guide with step-by-step procedure.

Best PC Cleaner Software

In case you want to test this computer cleaner, you can avail the free trial version that comes with limited actions but is helpful in addressing your problems. Macro PC cleaners do not claim to be the best PC cleaner but would let their software do all the necessary talking for them.

Features of the Macro PC Cleaner

Features that set this online free software apart from those available online and claim to be the best window cleaner or promise to speed up your pc are as below:

  1. With an option to restore computer, this is the best suited for your laptop or computer
  2. It also has a windows computer optimization plan
  3. It is a fast pc cleaner free download
  4. Auto maintenance is an additional feature
  5. PC tune up helps you keep up your PC
  6. They have a support staff at your service all around the clock
  7. It addresses the computer registry errors
  8. Friendly and easy to download, does not add ugly looking tabs to your computer

We know the internet is covered with advertisements about free pc cleaners, which claim to be the best and refer themselves as ‘all in one.’ However, how trustworthy are they? Similar question must have crossed your mind when you read the above article. Let’s clear the air for you. They have a huge base of satisfied customers who have put up their honest reviews about the software on various platforms. Some gave it a pat on the back for being the best, while some others helped them realise that there still is some room left for improvement. They started with a rating of 2 from their customers and now are at a champion 4.

So, they urge you to take the trail version to understand the credibility and then go ahead to Download the free full version of the pc cleaning software.

August 11, 2014

Your PC ’s very own Cleaning Application

Your computer encountered a problem this morning when you were working. You took a coffee break and when you came back to your seat, you saw it re-booting. You thought it was because of loose cable connection. However, this kept on repeating throughout the day. Henceforth, you called up your friend who you thought was technically sound and he advised you download a free PC clean up software.

Online PC Cleaner

But, did he tell you that there are hundreds of websites which sell such products online and in a way enter your system, check your files and can also leak the important data stored in your computer. Such software often comes with fancy tags like ‘clean my pc’, ‘speed up my pc’ ‘disk clean up’ or even ‘windows clean up.’ Attractive enough to grab your attention!

And then, this new computer clean up software is eating your computer’s memory and has an ugly pop up each time you connect your laptop/computer to the internet. It also gave an additional toolbar to your internet homepage, which flashes colourful advertisements and constantly asks for permission for some or the other purpose.

We understand a slow pc is bothersome, but what irritates us the most is the constant disturbance caused by this new application which claims to be the Best PC Cleaner available online. What is a pc cleaner? It’s a scam! Yes, you heard us right; it is a completely new way of entering an individual’s system. Sophisticated hacking! We call it.

Your computer is intelligent enough to take care of itself and flush out all the malware. Your windows program has an inbuilt Microsoft free pc cleaner, which cleans the laptop and removes computer virus.

To stop all the computer registry errors, uninstall the new clean up software from your system. This process might take some minutes to complete. Once done, it flashes a message on the screen, which is something like ‘successfully uninstalled’ or ‘complete pack removed.’

Online PC Cleaner

The web is filled with a host of applications which are more than eager to speed up your pc and offer you the best free pc clean-up plan.

The best PC cleaner you just downloaded for free, does not really do the real work it is supposed to be doing for you. Use the below tips to speed up your computer/ laptop.

  1. Uninstall all the unnecessary applications, which are resting at peace in your computer and have not been used since ages. Go to your control panel and uninstall these programmes for pc tune up.
  2. Disable all the unnecessary start up applications, which pop up each time you put on your PC.

August 4, 2014

The Secrets to Faster PC Speed – Speed up My PC

The Secrets to Faster PC Speed

Knowing your PC

Maintaining your PC is perhaps one of the most vital tasks and is obviously, not entirely an easy task unless you are aware of the functions, processes and applications that are involved. With so many different settings, files and apps to monitor, it is hard to understand just what exactly resulted in your computer running slow. Moreover, there are wide varieties of processes that are even more difficult to implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance of your PC. However, it is safe enough to say that most of us are, if not completely, at the very least, pretty aware of what helps to Speed up my PC. Our operating systems are inbuilt with disk cleanup software that ensures that you keep your computer clean from time to time and increases memory by fragmenting, storing and discarding unnecessary files. This helps to speed up computersand also reduces the overall space required by files; files that might have been eating up extra space inside your

Keeping your PC clean

A PC cleaner is an application that helps to clean your PC by removing suspicious files, unnecessary stored information and other material that are not helpful to the health of your computer. Many times, when you visit a website, you unwittingly let in sneak software that hide inside your computer, store your passwords and other account information. While these are not likely to be pc viruses, they are harmful enough and must be taken care of immediately. This is where Macro PC comes in. Apart from being the best PC cleaner, Macro PC has a host of functions that will help to not just boost your pc performance but also work as a pc optimizer and tune it up perfectly. Macro PC scans your entire computer to identify any and all of the issues that are most likely hindering your computer speed, after which it unleashes a range of powerful tools that will ensure optimized speed, improved computer performance. It removes invalid registry entries, unused files, processes and deactivate unnecessary apps that will help to boost your system’s response time and speed. Here’s another brief look at pc cleaning tools offered by us:evesham-solar-storm-pc-578-80

  • Quickly identifies and removes speed Issues, Junk and Temporary Internet Files and negates all Windows Registry Errors
  • Live Speed Tools optimize resources for a faster and more responsive PC that runs better, smoother and cleaner
  • Clean up all fragmented data on your registry
  • Last but not the least, gives your boot-up process a huge boost of speed as well